Hell Hath No Fury…


Did I not love you enough? Did I not sacrifice enough? Was there anything you asked of me that I did not do without hesitation?
I met you when you were poor and people said you were a crazy scientist.
But I loved you and believed in you and that crazy project of yours.
For years, you would carry out experiment after experiment, and when they failed, I would open my legs to you, to carry out your anger and frustrations on me.
You would pound me furiously and I would lie there, taking all of you, because I loved you.
Did I not marry you even though my parents hated you? Even though you couldn’t provide me the luxury I enjoyed in my own father’s house, did i not understand and manage what you could?

Or when your science experiment finally became successful, did I not rejoice with you?
And then you started looking for sponsors.
Didn’t I trek round the city with you, begging to be let into the gates of big companies to solicit for funds?
And when we finally found you a sponsor and he insisted on having me for a year, and when you looked at me pleadingly, not saying a word, did I not obey?

And now, the empire has been built. Our hard work has paid off, poverty has been eradicated from our lives and that of our generations to come.
Now, that I should reign peacefully as your one and only queen, you have the audacity to tell me that you want to bring in a young wife.

Oh you want a wife whose breasts are still full and supple? Was it not you and your children who sucked away the fullness of my breasts?
You want a light skinned beautiful wife? Was it not due to hawking under the sun that my skin became tough and darkened? Was I not hawking to feed you and the children?

You lie, Ndidi. You lie. I will raze this empire of ours to the ground before I let any young woman reap the fruits of my labour.

Indeed, hell hath no fury like a woman about to be replaced.

May be continued.. 🙂


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