February Favorites

How's everybody doing today? Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to start curating a list of my favorite articles, short stories, news, music, poetry, pictures and the likes on a monthly basis. I come in contact with a lot of amazing content every day and it makes sense to share it with you wonderful people.

Old Sins

Her mouth tasted dry and bitter, like desperation. Her palms were sweaty. It had never occurred to her that one day she would be apologizing and begging forgiveness for old sins.

Inheritance is Accidental

It was almost 6pm and dusk was already beginning to set in; the chickens that moved out in groups at dawn to search for food in the streets and in dustbins had already returned to roost and were strutting around the compound like they owned the place.

Crushed Hibiscus

Your earliest memory is of a rainy day in your father’s old house, with your father yelling loudly at you, almost as loud as the sound of the heavy rain outside. You don’t remember why he was yelling, he used to yell a lot.