#AkeFest2016: Gratitude

Gratitude. That's the word on my mind all day. I am deeply grateful. I spend most of my morning alone in my room, some much needed alone time, writing, having breakfast and listening to Jon Bellion.

#AkeFest2016: Fridays Are Special.

My fear of heights and my fear of clustered places combined, this is me conquering a few fears, like the badass I am. It's an almost 30-minute climb to the top, sometimes we use stairs, and other times, we climb the rocks.

#AkeFest2016: Where Does Time Go?

Time is going by too fast. That's the thought running through my mind when I wake up on my 3rd day at Abeokuta. I wonder how it's the third day already.

#AkeFest2016: A Promising Beginning.

I recognize anxiety and I try to push my worries to the back of my mind and focus instead on meeting Lola Shoneyin and treating myself to a plate of ofada rice.